About us

Jamella Bailey, Présidente


I spent most of my younger years thinking my hair was too curly, too short, too dry and much too fine to be considered beautiful.

I turned to some of the unhealthiest methods out there to try to change my unruly hair or simply hide them because they weren’t, according to me, “good enough” to be shown in public.

This detrimental way of thinking eventually led me to a major allergic reaction to a toxic product I allowed a hair dresser apply to my hairline on a regular basis. The end result was a bloody, infected hairline with virtually no hair left.

I was totally devastated! It was as if someone had just removed one of the key elements of my femininity. For the first time in my life I no longer wanted to hide or “fix” my hair. I was determined to heal my hair and scalp using all natural ingredients. This began my journey in the world of organic hair care.

I now saw hair strands as a delicate and precious fibers that required love and gentle care. I began researching, schooling and creating.

Four years later, the result is a 100% organic hair product line which treats a wide range of hair issue for men and women and children with all hair types.

This challenging yet rewarding experience has given me more self-confidence, by teaching me to accept myself and my hair the way they are. My love of nature is expressed in each little vial of infused oils that I create by hand, without the use of any machinery.

It’s with happiness and humility that I place the beauty of all my clients in the hands of nature.

Our Philosophy

Crüe Cosmetics is a Montreal based company that specializes in the creation of products that are all natural, organic and vegan. The process involves the infusion of herbs and essential oils in order to produce highly efficient holistic products that are safe to use on hair and skin. We are passionate about delivering natural alternatives to hair and skin care and our products are all crafted and packaged by hand to maximize quality. We do not test on animals nor do we use any animal byproducts because we believe that within nature lies the cure to any ailment and we strive to use these solutions to help our customers. At Crüe Cosmetics, your beauty is in the hands of nature.

Our Mission

At Crüe Cosmetics we strive to contribute to society not only by making our clients more beautiful, but also but preserving and cherishing the natural beauty we have been blessed with in nature. Providing care to our customers and projecting that care to our planet is our ultimate mission.