Winter Hair care : How to Choose the Right Oil for Your Hair Type

Hair Maintenance - By Jamella - 23 Jan 2023

Having the right hair care routine is essential to keeping your hair healthy and looking its best all year round, but it's especially important during the winter months. If you're not careful, the cold weather can strip moisture from your hair, leaving it dry and brittle. One of the most effective ways ...

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The Complete Guide to the Correct Hair Care Temperature

Hair Maintenance - By Jamella - 11 Dec 2022

Hair care has become a very important part of people's lives. It is not just about looking good, but also about feeling good. We do our best to take care of our hair and scalp by following certain rules and guidelines. But how do we know the right temperature for ...

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All you need for Christmas are the following products

Products - By Jamella - 02 Dec 2022

Greetings pearls! Let’s face it, one of the best gifts you can give yourself this holiday season is the gift of healthy hair!  At Crüe cosmetics we take hair care to heart, which is why we know exactly what products you need to get the results of your dreams!Discovery setIf you’re ...

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5 natural gift ideas that will please everyone on your list

Products - By Jamella - 28 Nov 2022

The holiday season is upon us and it's time to start getting our shopping list going. As you know, at Crüe Cosmetics, we favor all things natural, even during the holidays. It's not easy to find great gifts for everyone on our list. That's why we decided to provide you with ...

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7 holiday hairstyles to try in 2022

Hair Care Tips - By Jamella - 21 Nov 2022

Holiday season is soon approaching which means you ladies are about to be booked and busy! As hectic as this season is, we want you to enjoy everything it has to offer, while looking fierce. Instead of stressing about your holiday looks, plan ahead. And since we at Crüe love you ...

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3 DIY Tea Rinses to improve the condition of your hair fast!

Hair Maintenance - By Jamella - 15 Nov 2022

Tea rinses are known as an old beauty remedy, dating back to ancient times. The practice involves rinsing your hair and scalp with a tea infusion as tea is an effective ingredient for healthier hair. It is used for treating the scalp, enhancing hair color while addressing numerous other hair ...

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5 Winter Hair Tips To Protect Your Hair From The Cold

Hair Care Tips - By Jamella - 11 Nov 2022

The beauty of winter is undeniable, but the effects it has on our hair is often less enchanting.  Similar to heat, extreme cold can have negative impacts on your hair such as static, split ends and of course dryness.  At Crüe, our goal is to prepare you for whatever hair challenges may ...

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3 Hair Accessories that can improve the health of your hair

Health - By Jamella - 05 Nov 2022

We live in a society that has a product for everything. There is no problem that cannot be solved by a click of the button. But, how many of these products actually work? When it comes to hair, we at Crüe know a thing of two, which is why we thought ...

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Do Crüe Cosmetics Products Also Work For Men?

Hair Care Tips - By Jamella - 02 Nov 2022

We often think that hair is important only to women, but the reality is, many men struggle with losing hair and it can have an effect on their self-confidence.  Hair Loss in men is somewhat normalized by society. Some men start experiencing hair loss at a much younger age than women ...

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Top 8 Halloween hairstyles for 2022!

Trends - By Jamella - 26 Oct 2022

Les coiffures d'Halloween sont un “must” pour tous ceux qui ne sont pas dans l'ambiance des costumes complets. Et, heureusement pour vous, il y a un look pour chaque type de cheveux et chaque niveau d’habileté. L’Halloween c’est pour tout le monde, n’est-ce pas? Besoin d’inspiration? C’est bien pour cela que ...

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How the change of season affects your hair

Hair Maintenance - By Jamella - 16 Oct 2022

As the seasons change, so should your hair routine. Regardless of the type of hair you have, the seasonal weather change will affect it.  For many of us, the cooler weather is what our hair has been waiting for throughout those humid summer days. The cool, autumn breeze might feel good ...

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Does an oily scalp cause hair loss? Causes, treatment and prevention...

Hair Maintenance - By Jamella - 23 Jul 2022

Oily hair looks messy, greasy, oily, shiny and often has an unpleasant smell. People who have oily hair often have other areas of the skin such as the nose, forehead or chin that are oily, i.e. "seborrheic". The term seborrheic comes from the word sebum. Sebum is a natural oil produced ...

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The Benefits of Scalp Massages for Hair Growth

Hair Care Tips - By Jamella - 08 Jul 2022

IN THIS ARTICLEThe Benefits of Scalp Massages Useful Oils for Scalp Massage How to massage your scalp properly Natural shampoos to care for your hair and scalp This guide, written by the hair care experts at Crüe Cosmetics, aims to give you tips on the benefits of scalp massage. You'll also find a practical ...

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What to Eat for Optimum Hair Growth - A Complete Hair Diet

Hair Maintenance - By Jamella - 02 Jul 2022

So, you want healthy and strong hair, right? Although there are many factors that may affect how healthy your hair is or how fast they grow, one factor over which you can have control is your diet. Yes, you read it right. A diet with the right nutrients, vitamins, and ...

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5 Herbs That Promote Hair Growth

Hair Maintenance - By Jamella - 25 May 2022

Due to advancements in the hair industry, one can easily find multiple ways to care for their hair. There are numerous supplements and topical options available on the market to treat hair loss and thin hair, but nothing beats the effectiveness of natural ingredients. Herbs are not only the best ingredients ...

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5 Factors that Contribute to Hair Loss in Women

Health - By Jamella - 10 May 2022

If you ever feel overwhelmed by the number of “hair growth” products out there, you are not alone. It’s easy to be swayed by the latest miracle gel or treatment, but does new mean better? And are real people getting results? To get a better lecture on what makes a hair treatment ...

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10 Hair Tips For Women Over 40

Hair Care Tips - By Jamella - 09 May 2022

As we age, our hair naturally loses its shine, becomes thinner, and grows slower. Hair often feels dry, brittle, and is more prone to breakage. However, there are ways that we can combat this phenomenon and continue to age gracefully.    Nutrition, hormones, hair routine, and physical exercise affect your hair growth. ...

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How Stress Affects your Hair Growth

Health - By Jamella - 11 Feb 2022

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” - Buddha But you may ask, why is this true?  According to science, there is a strong relationship between your mind and physical health. Your mindset and attitude towards life can significantly affect your skin, hair, and overall well-being. A negative mindset can ...

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Chemotherapy and Hair loss : All you need to know

Health - By Jamella - 15 Apr 2021

Written by : Bissan Debsi WTS-MBT World Trichology SocietyChemotherapy-Induced Alopecia (CIA) is abnormal hair loss that’s caused by chemotherapy’s toxic effects. The severity of CIA depends on many factors such as the drug type used, the dose, the duration of therapy, the route by which it is administered, as well as ...

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The 5 Phases of Hair: Understanding The Basics of Healthy Hair

Hair Care Tips - By Jamella - 02 Apr 2021

Life as we know it is a constant cycle. Weather, nature, birth, death and yes, even hair growth is also a cycle. The interesting fact about the hair growth cycle is that it has a direct influence on how long your hair will grow, it’s thickness and how much hair ...

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Natural Hair Dye: Is it Fact or Fiction?

Hair Maintenance - By Jamella - 25 Feb 2021

When you switch to a healthier lifestyle, you may also start to gravitate towards natural product choices for your hair. The importance of protecting your strands from harsh heat is well known. But when it comes to hair color, most people are still turning to the same old, chemical-laden options ...

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5 essential oils that stimulate hair growth.

Life Style - By Jamella - 18 Feb 2021

If you’re a woman who is moving more and more towards natural solutions for your care, you are not alone! We can see that the current trend calls for a return to the source and we are delighted to place our beauty in the hands of nature. ™️   Essential oils are ...

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9 Unlikely hair growth ingredients found in the growth serum L’Ör.

Hair Maintenance - By Jamella - 05 Feb 2021

Hair products… The options are endless, aren’t they? Currently, our blossoming Canadian company has developed 4 organic hair care formulas, and our best seller is the L’Ör hair regrowth serum. But what explains its effectiveness? Each ingredient that makes up this small thick serum has been specifically selected to nourish your ...

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Wellness ideas to inspire you this winter

Life Style - By Jamella - 28 Jan 2021

Normally, we associate winter with a period of festivities, comfort food, good times with family and friends, and big cozy blankets on the sofa …   Although this year’s image does not reflect that same reality, we still need to be mindful the sudden drop in temperature, possible weight gain or mental ...

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How to build a perfect hair routine using Crüe Cosmetics products?

Hair Care Tips - By Jamella - 21 Jan 2021

I believe that the quality of our hair routine is even more important than our products. Why is that? Because the best products on the planet will not work to their full potential if they are not applied correctly and tailored to our needs.   Moreover, this is why every one of ...

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Best tips to make your blowout last longer than ever.

Hair Care Tips - By Jamella - 14 Jan 2021

One thing is certain, for almost a year now our hair has been relaxing! Am I the only one who finds that motivating myself to do my hair takes a lot more effort than before? As we’ve embraced a “new reality”, many of us are opting for the simplicity of ...

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Top 5 Clay Masks for Healthy Hair

Hair Maintenance - By Jamella - 07 Jan 2021

Are you looking for a relaxing activity to keep you busy after 8 pm? (thanks Covid!) Why not try a clay mask? Clay masks are well known for their many benefits to the skin. And since our hair and skin are first cousins, it’s not surprising that they also do ...

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Why has my hair stopped growing ?

- By Jamella - 24 Dec 2020

If you’ve ever had a feeling that your hair isn’t growing or that it can’t grow beyond a certain length, chances are there are factors that are detrimental to your hair’s health that you’re overlooking. The average person’s hair grows at a rate of about ½ inch each month. While ...

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Are you using the right shampoo?

Hair Maintenance - By Jamella - 19 Nov 2020

One of the questions I often ask my clients is: how often do you wash your hair? The answers are never the same. Most women are very specific and meticulous about how often they wash their hair and have their hair wash routine down to a science. But what about ...

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Hair Vocabulary 101: what terms do you need to know?

Hair Maintenance - By Jamella - 01 Oct 2020

Let’s talk hair! Seriously, today’s blog post should have been the first post on our blog. I say that because I often find myself delving deep into hair topics and some of the terminology isn’t commonly used in day-to-day language. Today I’m going to list all the important hair terms that ...

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What is your hair type, and does it really matter?

Hair Maintenance - By Jamella - 03 Sep 2020

If there is one thing we can all agree on, is that we are all unique. No two human beings are the same and this also goes for our hair strands. As strange as it may seem, no two strands of hair are just the same. Normally a head of ...

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How will the change of season affect your hair, and how do you best care for it?

Hair Maintenance - By Jamella - 27 Aug 2020

This summer has been gorgeous! Not too much rain, plenty of heat and cool summer nights. It’s a little gut wrenching to think we might only have a few weeks left in this BBQ loving time of year…   Did you know that each season triggers a different energetic manifestation, visible on ...

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How to deal with postpartum hair loss?

Hair Care Tips - By Jamella - 20 Aug 2020

We often hear that Mother’s Day should be every day of the year! Perhaps this is another Hallmark plot to cash in big time OR maybe it’s the fact that being a mother is such a huge sacrifice for another human being. Mother’s willingly sacrifice their body, their minds, their time, money, ...

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10 toxins secretly hiding in your natural hair products.

Health - By Jamella - 13 Aug 2020

The pressure for a woman to look “flawless” nowadays is unbelievably high. I came across a news article the other morning that stated: “women unknowingly put an average of 168 toxins on their bodies each day”. My jaw dropped! ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-EIGHT??   I immediately ran to my bathroom to analyze ...

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7 tips for dying your hair at home.

Hair Care Tips - By Jamella - 06 Aug 2020

With hair salons slowly opening back up, many of us have decided to do as much “home hair care” as possible. Even prior to this pandemic driven trend, it is said that an estimated 65% of women who dye their hair, do so at home.   I’m no longer a fan of ...

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How to tame frizzy hair?

Hair Types - By Jamella - 27 Aug 2019

Frizzy hair will ruin a hairstyle faster than any other hair concern. No hair type is immune either. Whether your hair is straight, wavy or curly, you can still be affected by frizz. Here are a few tips to help you keep frizzy hair under control.   If our hair is often ...

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How to end split ends and enjoy hair growth?

Hair Maintenance - By Jamella - 22 Aug 2019

If you’re trying to grow long hair, split ends are your worst enemy. The reason being that if your hair keeps breaking off at the ends, you’ll never retain any length long enough to see your hair growth.   But why do our ends split in the first place? Can split ends ...

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How to treat your dandruff ?

Hair Maintenance - By Jamella - 12 Aug 2019

Have you ever seen snow in the middle of summer? If you suffer from dandruff and you like to wear black clothing, the answer is probably yes! Dandruff is the result of excess skin being shed from the scalp. In the following article we will discuss the different signs of ...

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The negative effects our beauty products have on nature.

Health - By Jamella - 29 Jul 2019

We can’t deny that we live in a competitive world. Global companies make a living hiring marketers to keep us feeling that we constantly need to continue buying new products to look better and ultimately feel better about who we are.   I’m all for self-improvement, but before we use that new ...

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Gym hair: the art of balancing your hair and your workout routine.

Hair Care Tips - By Jamella - 25 Jul 2019

We’ve all been there before natural beauties, endorphins running wild post workout, feeling like a million bucks and then POW: one look at our hair and panic begins to set in! If you’re anything like me, going home to get pretty after the gym is rarely an option. We’re busy ...

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Hair growth green smoothie

Health - By Jamella - 22 Jul 2019

Starting the morning off on the right foot could set the tone for your entire day. For me a perfect day starts with some form of physical activity with my hubby (preferably a hike in the mountains) followed by a nutritious green smoothie.   This smoothie not only taste great, it’s packed ...

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Why is my hair breaking?

Hair Maintenance - By Jamella - 22 Jul 2019

Does it ever feel like you’re doing all the right things but your hair just continues to break? Does your bathroom look like scenes from a horror movie with hair all over the shower, sink and floor?   Trust me, I’ve been there TOO MANY times before and the frustration can be ...

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6 Vacation hair tips we all need to know

Hair Maintenance - By Jamella - 15 Jul 2019

A vacation in the tropics is a fantastic way to disconnect from the day-to-day, catch up on some reading, discover new cultures and eat some exotic fruit! All this sounds so heavenly! The one activity we might not be looking forward to is the battle of our hair and the ...

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Protect your hair from chlorine while swimming.

Hair Care Tips - By Jamella - 01 Jul 2019

It’s summertime beauties! Which means fun in the sun, BBQs, no school for the kids, and of course: swimming pools! Swimming is a great way to stay cool and enjoy the hot summer days, but the negative effects it has on our hair might leave some of us discouraged. Well, ...

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10 Foods that help with hair growth

Life Style - By Jamella - 16 Jun 2019

I love making at home hair treatments with things I have in the fridge. Avocado, Greek yogurt, eggs, banana… and the list goes on. But today I want to step away from topical treatments, and talk about treating our hair from the inside. As the saying goes, you are what you ...

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What carrier oils do we use in our formulas and why?

Products - By Jamella - 06 Jun 2019

Carrier oils are one of the many gifts nature has blessed us with to care for our health and our beauty. The process involves either a plant or a nut being cold-pressed in order to extract the oil it contains. With a plethora of oils to choose from, I would ...

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5 Exotic Oils to Embellish your Hair!

Hair Care Tips - By Jamella - 03 Jun 2019

Spring has finally sprung on us beauties! As nature prepares itself for a new season of warmth, there’s no better time to start exploring some natural ingredients to enhance our lovely locs! Armed with a couple of plant encyclopedias, I discovered a bunch of new oils that I will be experimenting ...

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The benefits of a oil bath for your hair.

Hair Care Tips - By Jamella - 29 Jun 2018

Flashback of a few years ago: I’m in my bathroom, hair dripping with coconut oil. I had read, at the time, that it was THE product to integrate into your hair routine to have beautiful hair. A few months before, it was with argan oil that I brushed my head, hoping ...

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Toxic ingredients hidden in your hair products.

Hair Care Tips - By Jamella - 13 Jun 2018

Many big name cosmetic and hair product companies turn to synthetic ingredients because they are more cost friendly. Unfortunately, those ingredients have an impact on your overall heath and that of your hair and skin. When choosing hair conditioners and shampoos, the obvious best choice is natural products. No need to ...

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Stimulate hair growth

Hair Care Tips - By Jamella - 26 May 2018

We’ve all been there ladies: your hairdresser “misunderstood” what you meant and BAM, chops off several inches of YOUR hair off, when all you really wanted was a trim! Thankfully hair grows back. What ‘s less fortunate, is that growing that hair back can be a LONG process! There are a few tricks ...

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Is your hair damaged or dry? Know the difference to better care for your hair.

Hair Care Tips - By Jamella - 25 Mar 2018

It’s important to know the state of your hair in order to make the best hair care decisions. If you don’t know what’s the “root” of the issue (pun intended :) then even the best products might not have the desired effect on your tired strands. It can be tricky ...

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How does our lifestyle affect our hair?

Life Style - By Jamella - 30 Nov -0001

We all have these magnificent fibres growing from our scalps and we expect them to do one simple thing: make us look amazing! So, we shampoo, we condition, we trim… But what about our life habits? Could those be impacting the overall condition of our hair as well? Today’s article ...

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How to have long healthy hair

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