Detox Shampoo and Conditioner – Why We Need Them

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When we started to market our hair care products, we wanted customers to experience the real benefits of holistic ingredients that only nature can provide. 

Our objective is to make our hair care products speak for themselves by giving real value to our beauty and well-being the natural way. 

In today's world, our hair is constantly exposed to various environmental pollutants, product build-up, and impurities that can weigh it down and affect its overall health. 

Detox shampoos and conditioners are specifically formulated to deeply cleanse and rejuvenate the hair and scalp, removing accumulated toxins and residues. 

 healthy scalp

To further complement our wide range of hair growth products and treatments, we are now launching a 100% natural detox shampoo and conditioner that provide deep cleansing and detoxify your hair and scalp naturally. 

Handmade to perfection using 100% plant-based extracts and oils, coupled with long rigorous testing and development.

zephir detoxifying shampoo

The Zephïr detox shampoo transcends ordinary cleansing rituals as it gently cleanses and invigorates the scalp with a luxurious lather to help reduce flaking and dry scalp. 

This 100% natural and vegan formula combines amla berries, cedar wood, green tea, and copper tripeptides to naturally lift dead skin cells, regenerate new hair growth and enhance existing strands for thicker, fuller-looking hair. 

With regular use, it will purify the scalp, unlock more volume and vitality than ever before and reveal the luxurious splendor of your locks. 

The Zephïr detox shampoo has been made to elevate your hair care routine to new heights of sophistication and indulgence. 

To pair with the detox shampoo, we have also created a detox conditioner that complements each other. 

zephir detoxifying conditioner 

The Zephïr Detox Conditioner is the epitome of natural refinement with its opulent texture and handpicked ingredients. 

It is gentle yet effective in its hair detox treatment that will combat dry scalp and enhance hair growth while restoring a luminous sheen to your locks. 

The Zephïr Detox Conditioner is composed of a blend of Neem Leaf, Amla Berries, Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree, and Cedar Wood. 

amla berries

These ingredients assist in unclogging the hair follicles and serve numerous antimicrobial and antiseptic properties that remove any residue that could have been left behind.

These ingredients have antioxidants, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties which help to cleanse and detoxify the scalp and should be part of an optimal hair routine. 

The process of regular cleansing and detoxification should work like a reset, helping to get rid of dirt, dandruff, oil, and chemical build-up to strengthen, revitalize and help give the strands a fresh start. It also helps to unblock clogged pores and reduce flaking, itchy and dry scalp. 

Our new line of Zephïr detox shampoo and conditioner are composed of the highest quality natural ingredients and in particular, we’ve blended it with copper tripeptides-1 which are, a complex natural compound shown to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss in several studies. 

Copper peptides not only play a significant role in regenerating new hair growth, but they can also make your existing hair look and feel thicker by increasing the follicle size.

scientist using natural ingredients

We’ve conducted years of research to understand the composition of the natural ingredients that have become vital components in our hair care products. 

Our range of natural hair growth products is approved by trichologists and Crüe Cosmetics has the distinction of being the only natural hair growth solution company in Quebec, Canada to hand make and formulate their products by a certified trichologist.


Both the detox shampoo and conditioner are naturally formulated to leave your hair holistically untangled from the impurities of the world we lived in. 


Available June 19th. What to get yours first? Get on the private launch list now!

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