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It's time to start treating your hair loss naturally.

Rogaine isn't the only way to drastically improve the condition of your hair...
And it certainly isn't the only hair growth solution that provides results —but beeing trapped using a product daily for the rest of your life isn't weise, either.

Roughly 40% of women have detectable hair loss by the age of 50.
And less than half of women get through life with a full head of hair.

If Rogaine has been available to women since 1991, then why hasn't hair loss in women decreased over time...

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“For the past few years, I began losing my hair at an accelerated rate. Desperately, I tried Rogaine for Women and unfortunately, it caused my scalp to break out in scabs. This irritation made my hair fall out in patches! I was devastated and had to shave my head completely.

When a client of mine noticed the condition of my head, she recommended Crüe Cosmetics. I bought L’Ör and Neptüne and about 6 weeks later, I noticed that my hair was fuller and thicker. The unusual hair loss has also stopped.

Thinning hair has been a challenge for me since I was a teenager and I feel much more confident now that my hair is in better condition.

Thank you to the entire Crüe Cosmetics team for your good work. ”. — Nicole J.

Verified customer of the Sublime hair treatment

Why Choose Crüe
The Values We Live By

You need to try a better solution. A natural solution to be exact.

Crüe Cosmetics is the only natural hair growth solution company in Québec that provides natural hair growth aids for women suffering from hormonal and genetic alopecia formulated and handmade by a certified trichologist.

Our 4-step hair growth system includes a one-on-one hair consultation with a hair growth expert to help our clients get their desired results.

In a landscape of hair growth gimmicks that leave clients feeling alone and dissatisfied, our personalized and holistic approach to hair loss places your beauty in the hands of nature.

Your hair routine can be a source of amazing things


Achieve your hair goals and give your self-esteem an upgrade with healthy beautiful hair that mirrors how you feel inside.


Get behind a system that has garnered amazing results for hundreds of women and feel safe knowing your products are handmade with all-natural organic ingredients.


Be proud to support a local female owned small business that treats every client like pearls amidst the everyday.

I was really surprised to see such quick results! ...

I noticed that the Crüe treatments improved the texture of my hair after the very first use.

— Maryse T.

Verified customer of L’Ör scalp serum

I have been using the L’Ör and Neptüne oils for almost 2 months and already
I see a difference in the condition of my hair.

It has more volume and is softer... — Nicole C.

Verified customer of L’Ör scalp serum

Hair Diagnostic


Ready to discover your unique hair challenges
and get on your way to long healthy hair?

Take the hair Quiz now and receive a free personalized report describing your specific hair challenges and the products we recommend for your hair.

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We guarantee total confidentiality. Your information will not be shared.

After only 5-6 applications I can already see a difference.

My hair falls out less in the shower, the texture looks thicker, nicer and less frizzy.

— Linda H.

Verified customer of L’Ör scalp serum

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Place your beauty in the hands of nature and receive the latest hair tips, DIYs and holistic lifestyle delivered to you with a dose of Diva!

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How to have long healthy hair

Download your free votre Healthy Hair Guide and learn 7 hair secrets to grow beautiful hair year-round. Stimulate your hair growth (even when your hair salon is closed) by following our detailed guide today.

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