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Nicole Klein
33 year old female – Thick 2b (wavy) Hair – Pierrefonds Qc.

After my pregnancy my hair was very dry, flat and dull. It was lifeless. I tried cutting it short and using very expensive products with a long list of unknown ingredients but it remained dry. After a couple of years of failure I tried Crüe Cosmetics Neptune Oil. It changed my world! My hair is back to being long, bouncy and shiny. I often use the Neptune oil right after washing my hair and it gives my curls a beautiful style and I could feel it nourishing it at the same time. I find it brings out the natural highlights of my hair. I love it so much I also use it on my five year old son! I style his hair with it since its all natural and gives it moisture at the same time. It really defines his little curls.

I also use the Angelia hair mask once a week to really get that moisture in. I’m loving Crüe Cosmetics all natural products and all the compliments on my hair that I’m getting because of them!

Agëlia: Hair Mask

Gloryia Evans
28-year-old female | Sensitive Skin | Montreal, Qc

My biggest win from using Crüe Cosmetic’s Angel oil was literally eliminating my dry skin.
After my pregnancy, I noticed my face was very dry. Especially in specific areas, that no matter what cream I used, nothing worked. When I was introduced to Angëlia oil, what made the product unique was all the organic elements in the unfused oil. Literally after an overnight treatment my face felt so rejuvenated. I can proudly say that Angel oil is part of my morning routine. I encourage anyone who’s battling with very skin to use Angëlia oil. You won’t be disappointed.


Angëlia: Hair Mask

Tauja Cummings
39-year-old female | Textured hair (4a) | Montreal, Qc

I just wanted to thank you for the gift of your magic hair oil Gaïa. When I won it at the bridal shower,
I knew I got something good just from the ingredients. But damn in just two months my hair has thickened considerably and is hydrated and happy. The neem oil made me extra happy because you got it not to stink and I love what it does for my hair. I am excited to have been blessed with what really is a gift. Xoxo

Love and blessings


Gaïa: Oil Rinse

Matthew Veloza
27 year old male | Dry Sensitive Skin | Villeray, Qc.

My name is Matthew i’m 27. I have tried your Neptüne Hydrating Oil for the first time and I was really surprised with the effects that your product had on my skin. I was happy with how soft and smooth my skin became. I also noticed that it helped me treat the eczema that I have on my arms! It made a major difference after 5 days and I was happy that my skin was less dry! LOVE THE PRODUCT. PLEASE MAKE A BIGGER BOTTLE.


Neptüne : Hydrating Oil

Edna Demosthenes
41 year old female | 4b kinky hair | Brossard, Qc.

These products are great! I’ve been using Neptüne to keep my hair moisturized and L’Ör for growth. I must say that I am amazed with the results! My hair has grown 4 inches since I started using them and feels so soft! I do recommend these products. Totally worth the investment.


L’Ör: Growth Serum