Top Hair Tips for Chlorine Protection: How to Enjoy the Pool without Hair Damage

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Ah, summer—the time for sunshine, barbecues, carefree days, and of course, swimming pools!


While swimming is a refreshing way to beat the heat, the detrimental effects of pool water on our hair can be discouraging. But fear not, lovely pearls, we have got solutions!


Read on to discover some invaluable suggestions that will enable you to dive into summer to your heart's content while keeping your hair looking fabulous!



Understanding Chlorine


Chlorine serves a vital purpose in pools by eliminating germs and bacteria, ensuring a safe swimming environment.


However, when it comes to our hair, chlorine poses a significant challenge. Our scalp naturally produces sebum, a protective and hydrating oil that keeps our hair smooth and shiny.


Unfortunately, chlorine strips away this sebum, leaving our strands coarse and brittle. Chlorine can even alter your hair color, it’s a strong chemical indeed! So how can you avoid that?



Pre-Pool Ritual: Water Immersion 

Before taking the plunge, try immersing your hair in non-chlorinated water using a spray bottle. This simple step allows your hair to absorb chlorine-free water, reducing its ability to soak up chlorinated water from the pool.


Shield Your Hair with Protective Oils


After soaking your hair in non-chlorinated water, it's wise to shield it with a lightweight oil.


This not only helps retain moisture but also creates a protective barrier between your hair and the chlorinated water.


To create this barrier, we recommend  using our Angëlia hair mask, or experiment with olive oil or coconut oil.



Rejuvenate, Safeguard, and Detoxify 

For an extra layer of protection and detoxification, incorporate our Zephïr detox shampoo and conditioner into your hair care routine.


The powerful formula of Zephïr removes chlorine residue, impurities, and build-up, leaving your hair revitalized, vibrant, and deeply nourished.


Experience the benefits of gentle cleansing, restoring natural shine, and promoting a healthy scalp—all while safeguarding your locks from pool damage.



Post-Swim Care

After leaving the pool, your first task is to rinse your hair with warm water to remove chlorine residue.


Then, use a mild shampoo like Zephïr detox shampoo to eliminate the excess oil, and chlorine.


Follow up with Zephïr detox conditioner to replenish moisture and restore your hair's natural vitality.


Unlock the Joy of Beautiful Hair and Summer Fun!


Having gorgeous hair is gratifying, but fully embracing summer activities is even more rewarding!


Follow these tips, and enjoy the best of both worlds—diving into the pool without apprehension and experiencing the transformative effects of healthy, revitalized hair.




By incorporating these hair protection tips into your summer routine, you can bid farewell to pool-induced hair woes and confidently enjoy the pool season without compromising your hair's beauty.


Embrace the joy of splashing in the water, basking in the sun, and creating unforgettable memories—all while keeping your locks radiant and healthy.


What are you waiting for? Dive in and make this summer your best one yet with stunning, pool-proof hair!

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