About Us

I spent most of my youth telling myself that my hair was: too short, too curly, too dry or too thin to be considered pretty. I tried several unhealthy products and methods to modify them or just hide them…!

Following a strong allergic reaction to a chemical, I found myself bald and bloody all over the perimeter of my scalp. A condition called Traction Alopecia.

I was completely devastated. As if a key element of my feminine charm had been taken away from me. This time however, I refused to hide! I was determined to find a chemical-free solution. Which catapulted me into the world of bio-hair care.

Our Motivation

I now saw hair as precious fibers that needed to be handled with love and delicacy. I put myself in research, education and creation mode.

More than four years later, the result is a range of 100% organic products that effectively address several hair challenges for women, men and children, for all hair types.

It was a journey that gave me back the confidence to be myself and accept my hair as it is. My passion for nature is expressed in each of these small bottles of infused oils made entirely from 100% organic ingredients.

It is with joy and humility that I place the beauty of my clients in the hands of nature.

Our philosophy

Crüe Cosmetics is a Quebec company based in Bromont that specializes in the creation of 100% natural, organic and vegan products. We use carrier oils that are infused with herbs and essential oils to create truly effective holistic products for skin, hair and scalp. We are determined to deliver natural alternatives for hair and skin care. Our products are designed and packaged manually to maximize quality. No animal testing is done and no animal derivatives are used because we believe that we find in nature all the solutions to human ailments. We are proud to create and deliver these solutions to you. At Crüe Cosmetics, your beauty is in the hands of nature.

Our mission

Contribute to society by helping our customers to enhance their beauty through nature while preserving it for our benefit and that of future generations.

Anick D.

I also had the chance to do a trichological analysis with Jamella, the founder of Crüe Cosmetics. Following this meeting, I started using L'Or and Neptüne serums. Thanks to Neptüne, my hair is much more silky and hydrated. Thanks to L'Or, my hair loss has stopped! It's almost unbelievable! Thanks Jamella!

Anne P.

Beautiful, high quality hair products! Both for skin and hair. Excellent after-sales service, very available and attentive to our needs!!!

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