Which vegetable oils do we use in our formulas and why?

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Vegetable oils are one of the many treasures that nature has given us to take care of our health and beauty. The process involves cold pressing a plant or nut to extract the oil it contains. With a plethora of carrier oils to choose from, we highlight the benefits for your hair and skin of the ones we use in our products .

Organic castor oil

Organic Castor Oil is the dominant ingredient in our L'Ör Growth Serum . We always use cold pressed organic castor oil because industrial production uses contraindicated solvents. This oil has been acclaimed for its many benefits for centuries and is one of the most produced vegetable oils in the world thanks to its many cosmetic and pharmaceutical uses. A very specific characteristic of castor oil is the fact that it never freezes. Ricinoleic acid is the main constituent of castor oil and gives it that thick, viscous texture. Castor oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory rich in vitamin E. It helps fight oxidative stress and maintain a healthy scalp. Regular use of castor oil will lubricate the scalp and its antibacterial properties will help loosen follicles clogged with bacteria. To stimulate growth, massage the scalp with this powerful oil.

Organic grapeseed oil

Grapeseed oil is an oil that is often extracted using solvents, which is why we only use cold-pressed organic grapeseed oil to create our Neptüne Moisturizing Oil . An infused oil very beneficial to the health of your hair and your skin. It is a by-product of viticulture and its extraction only began in 1945. This thick green oil is rich in vitamin E, tannins as well as phenolic compounds which help protect cells from free radicals. It is also well supplied with Omega 6 which hydrates the skin and prevents it from drying out while protecting it from external aggressions. Unlike most oils that tend to leave your hair greasy, grapeseed oil helps regulate sebum production, so regular use requires fewer shampoo washes.

Organic safflower oil

Organic safflower oil is the star ingredient in our Angëlia hair mask . It has been used since the days of ancient Egypt and its benefits on the hair are numerous. Safflower oil is rich in oleic acid, which is very beneficial for the scalp and hair. Oleic acid increases circulation to the scalp, stimulates hair growth and strengthens follicles. It increases the shine and luster of your hair in addition to making it easier to comb and detangle.

Organic hemp oil

Organic hemp oil is the secondary oil used in the manufacture of our Angëlia hair mask . Originating in ancient Egypt, hemp is one of the first plants cultivated by man. Renowned for its therapeutic benefits against gout, rheumatism and pain relief, it is also an excellent hair fortifier. Hemp seed oil contains a high concentration of omega-3 and omega-6 which stimulate the epidermis and nourish the scalp. It also has a calming effect on scalp irritations. It prolongs the hydration of your scalp.

Organic jojoba oil

Although organic jojoba oil is not the main vegetable oil in our Angëlia hair mask , its contribution is very useful in the whole solution. Jojoba oil is more like a wax than an oil. What makes jojoba so unique is the fact that it is very similar in composition to the sebum in our own skin. It has the quality to last a long time without going rancid. This yellow colored oil is made up of a wide variety of fatty acids such as palmitic acid, gadoleic acid, erucic acid and omega-9s. All this contributes to the softening of the hair and the anti-inflammation of the scalp.

Organic sweet almond oil

Organic Sweet Almond Oil is the key ingredient in our exquisite Gaïa Rinse Oil . Its use has been documented for millennia and the Romans called it “the Greek nut”. Sweet almond oil is very light and transparent with a slight nutty smell. Its natural content of vitamins B1, B2 and B6 deeply enriches the hair by stimulating the synthesis of keratin. It is high in Omega-9 and Vitamin E which will leave your hair soft and bouncy.

I hope this article will help you better understand our solutions and what makes them so effective for hair care! Would you like to discover even more vegetable oils? Check out our article: 5 exotic oils to beautify your hair!

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