7 holiday hairstyles to try in 2022

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The holiday season is right around the corner, which means you ladies are on the

not to be reserved and busy with the festivities!

As hectic as this season is, we want you to enjoy all it has to offer, while looking your best.

With your hair as the most important accessory, we're going to help you plan your party looks ahead of time this year.

We have compiled a list of 7 simple party-ready hairstyles that will add a little something extra to your party looks.

Pearl accessories

Probably the easiest way to add flair to a hairstyle is with accessories , and this year pearls are trending.

There's something very feminine and easy about pearls and when added to your hair, it's a quick way to elevate your hairstyle with little effort.

From headbands, scrunchies , hair clips and rubber bands, there are so many gorgeous little beaded pieces!

fishtail crowns

This style looks much more complex than it actually is. The key is to braid your hair tightly and secure it before it comes loose. Once in place, separate the braid to create a perfect little crown.

Nothing symbolizes the holidays better than satin! Pull your hair up into a ponytail or a bun and wrap the scrunchie around it to create an effortlessly sleek hairstyle.

Wet Look Hairstyle

Not only is it a chic and trendy look, but the look of wet hair is also a great way to extend your shampoos, because clean hair isn't necessary! All you have to do is gel your hair when it's a bit damp and finish it off with a gloss spray! Hint: protect your hair with a moisturizing oil so as not to dry it out.

The bubble braid

We love a good bubble braid, don't you? This is definitely a hairstyle in the holiday mood that we were looking for. Best of all, it's so easy to do.

All you need is a styling cream while you straighten your hair into a ponytail. Then wrap your ponytail with rubber bands spaced a few centimeters apart and use your fingers to create the bubble effect.

classic braid

Easy, beautiful, timeless. A classic braid is the perfect party hairstyle because it requires little skill and suits almost anyone.

Tie your hair in a ponytail, high or low, and braid it, then secure it with an elastic at the bottom so the braid doesn't come out." You can add style with cute hair ties or hair clips!


The sidecut trend, also called Half Walk, was started by the very famous David Bowie in the 1980s. Today, this slightly extravagant hairstyle has been adopted by the biggest female stars of Hollywood such as Willow Smith, Rihanna and Cara Delevingne.

This style adds depth and dimension to your look, giving you a hairstyle that is both edgy and classic. If you're feeling up to it, add some hair accessories to really make it stand out!

No matter what you do, you're sure to shine this holiday season! We hope these party looks give you some inspiration so you can add a little more spice to the festivities.

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