How the changing seasons affect your hair

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When the seasons change, your hair routine needs to change too. Whatever type of hair you have, the change of seasons will affect it.

For many of us, cooler weather is what our hair has been waiting for on those humid summer days. The cool autumn breeze can be pleasant when it blows through your hair, but what does this change in temperature mean for your hair?

When fall arrives, it is usually accompanied by colder and drier air, which greatly affects your hair.

But don't worry, my pearls, we have everything planned.

Cold, dry air can cause breakage

Cold, dry air can cause breakage

From fall to winter, certain elements can damage your hair strands, including cool winds and dry air.

The cortex, which is the center of your hair, is protected by a layer of cells called the cuticle and when the cuticle is exposed to excessive heat or cold it can start to break. The cortex is then much more vulnerable to breakage and split ends. You may also notice more hair loss during this time.

Lack of hydration and growth

As the seasons change, colder temperatures can cause your hair cuticles to tighten, which can lead to breakage.

This means it's harder for your locks to retain the moisture they need. This is why your hair will be a little drier, which may explain the appearance of dandruff.

How can you help your hair?

Brush and massage your scalp

By regularly brushing and massaging your scalp, you increase blood flow while relieving tension on your scalp, which means healthier hair!

Hydrate your hair

Moisturizing your hair during the change of season is the best advice we can give you. Wash your hair with nourishing products like our Freÿa shampoo and conditioner and be sure to do a moisturizing hair treatment every week. We suggest our Neptüne Moisturizing Oil , which is a grapeseed oil product that can be used on your hair, face and body.

Take vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for healthy skin and hair because it nourishes your body and is known to promote hair growth. Be sure to eat plenty of vitamin D-fortified foods like fish, eggs, and some grains.

The change of season is symbolic of a period of transformation and growth. With our hair tips, you can keep your hair looking great while enjoying the newness that nature has in store for you.

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