The benefits of hair oil baths.

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Flashback to a few years ago: I'm in my bathroom, my hair dripping with coconut oil. I had read, at the time, that it was THE product to integrate into your hair routine to have beautiful hair.
A few months before, I painted my head with argan oil, hoping to counteract the effects of a frenzied use of the flat iron and my hair color every three weeks.
However, the results were not the most conclusive. So I took two things from it. The first is that it is useless to put a ton of oil to nourish the hair. If you have to do 4 shampoos to remove the oily effect, all the benefits of the oil bath will be canceled out.
The second is that not all oils are created equal, and it's best to choose one that suits your hair type to make the treatment worthwhile.

Wait…what is an oil bath?

An oil bath is a treatment… with oil, for the hair. It is used to restore vitality and hydration, in addition to nourishing the hair and protecting it from external aggressions (sun, heating tools, etc.). oil bath expression. Indeed, it is useless, even not recommended, to soak the hair in oil. A tiny amount is needed!

How do we proceed then?

It's very simple: warm a few drops of oil between the palms of your hands, and apply it to the length and ends of your hair. Then, we wait at least thirty minutes, or even overnight, before rinsing with warm water, then shampoo. It takes two or three shampoos to overcome the oily effect? It's because you had too strong a hand on the product.

What is the best oil to use?

Obviously, the best oil is the one that is suitable for your hair. Here are some popular oils and the hair types to use them on.

Coconut oil: For normal hair. Coconut oil is superb for giving a little boost of radiance.
Castor oil : For use on split ends, damaged and brittle ends. Viscous, this oil is to be applied in very small quantities to dry or dull hair, but gives fabulous results when the dosage is controlled!

Sweet Almond Oil : For dry, brittle or frizzy hair. Emollient, sweet almond oil brings a lot of softness to the hair.
Argan Oil: For very dry hair that needs a massive dose of hydration. To be used as a mask that is left on all night.

Jojoba oil: The texture of jojoba oil is very similar to that secreted by the skin, it is perfect for oily or combination hair (oily roots and dry ends). The scalp is deceived, and secretes less sebum.

Sesame oil: For colored hair, due to its antioxidant effect. Be careful not to choose toasted sesame oil, unless you want your hair to leave behind a scent of Chinese food!
Grapeseed Oil : Nourishing and protective, this oil is perfect for dry hair!

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