Why is my hair breaking?

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Do you ever do all the right things and your hair keeps breaking? Does your bathroom look like a scene from a horror movie with hair all over the shower, sink and floor?

I've been there TOO many times and the frustration can be hard to handle!

Let's discuss several important factors to consider when evaluating the overall health of your hair.

Typical signs of hair breakage:

  • Dry and coarse hair
  • Split ends
  • Lacks shine and body
  • Weak and limp hair
  • Broken hair blocking shower and sink drains.

Remember when your hair reaches its breaking point, it will have already lost several layers of cuticles. This can be caused by aggressive handling and/or regular hair wear.

Main causes of hair breakage:

  • Lack of humidity
  • Lack of protein
  • Aggressive hairdressing practices

Heated appliances such as hair dryers, flat irons and curling irons are perfect accomplices to reduce humidity deep in your hair fiber. If you regularly turn to heat for your styling techniques, the chances of your hair breaking due to lack of hydration are high.


Perms, relaxers and chemical dyes penetrate the hair cortex to permanently change its appearance. They are guilty of depleting your hair of its natural protein stores. If you regularly use perms or dyes, there is reason to believe that the breakage of your hair is associated with a lack of protein.

How can you be sure?

Proper assessment when your hair is wet is desirable. When wet, they are at their most natural state. Without styling products and practices that alter our hair, we can better gauge its elasticity, porosity and thickness.

Is your wet hair coarse and difficult to detangle? Do they easily break in half when you pull them? If so, your hair is suffering from a lack of hydration.

Does your wet hair feel gummy, limp and weak? Do they stretch very long before breaking in two? If so, your hair is suffering from a lack of protein.


Your hair lacks moisture, so you need to reduce or eliminate your use of heaters for a while. Next, make sure the first ingredient in your hair care products is water. Hair oils such as our Neptüne Moisturizing Oil will help you achieve your hydration goals by creating a barrier on your hair shaft and allowing moisture to stay in your strands longer. Deep condition your hair with a water-based conditioner and use heat (hot towel) to allow deeper penetration.

Your hair lacks protein, so start by using an oil-based hair mask similar to our Angëlia hair mask to soften your hair and prepare it for the protein treatment. Wash your hair but do not clarify it because clarifying shampoos are drying shampoos and so are protein treatments. Deeply condition your hair with a protein treatment and use heat for deep penetration.


A “haircation” is what I call a vacation for your hair. Give your hair a break and keep it in a super low stress hairstyle. Your hair follicles will also benefit from the low voltage. No heat, no tight styles and no chemical ingredients.


If you notice clumps of your hair falling out excessively, you should talk to your doctor, a dermatologist, or even a tricologist who will be able to assess your level of hair loss. Keep in mind that hair loss can be associated with other health issues, so if you notice anything unusual, don't hesitate to see a doctor.

I hope this article was helpful ladies! The secret to stunning hair has always been, and always will be, the perfect balance of moisture and protein! Comment below and let me know if your hair lacks moisture or protein and why in your opinion!

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