5 Best Clay Masks for Healthy Hair

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Looking for a relaxing activity to keep you busy after 8 p.m.? (thanks Covid!) Why not try a clay mask… Clay masks are well known for their many skin benefits. And since our hair and skin are first cousins, it's no surprise that they also work wonders for our hair. These ancestral natural gifts are distinguished by their colors, properties and textures. A very affordable way to give your hair a spa treatment.

As all the minerals are already present in clay, clay treatments can all be done simply by mixing clay powder with water. The desired texture is similar to that of yogurt. You can enhance your mask by adding apple cider vinegar, honey, your favorite hair mask , or essential oils. All these clays have one thing in common: their detoxifying minerals. With that in mind, you'll want to rinse your mask out of your hair after 15 minutes.

One last friend tip, clay masks can be very messy. Do not wear your favorite sweater during application, and lay down a mat on the floor to pick up spills.

Keep reading to discover 5 clay masks and to find the best one for your hair type.


Arguably the most popular and the mother of clay hair masks, bentonite is ideal for damaged hair, itchy scalp, dandruff and breakage. Scientifically, it has a negative charge. Since conditioners are positively charged, it will separate residue from your hair and scalp. It also helps define curls and waves. It is an excellent natural substitute for chelating shampoo.


This Moroccan clay is much softer than bentonite clay, yet it still removes toxins while imparting moisture and softness. This is a great option for you if you are trying clay masks on your hair for the first time, as it will give you the best of both worlds. It also glides quite easily on the hair and rinses easily. Your hair will be light, supple and easy to detangle.


Kaolin clay is an even softer Chinese clay than rhassoul clay. It is ideal for very fine and fragile hair. Due to its mildness, avoid using it to clean heavily soiled hair with product residue. Prioritize kaolin clay on days when your hair is relatively clean, but needs a little extra love. If you have very thick and dense hair, bentonite or rhassoul are better alternatives.


Pink clay is considered the softest of all clays. A subtle mixture of red clay and white clay, pink clay combines the advantages of these two powders. Rich in various mineral salts and silica, pink clay is perfect for helping cell regeneration and fighting against premature aging. Applied to the scalp, it will absorb impurities and regulate sebum production. On the hair shaft and ends, it works wonders to restore shine and softness to tired hair.


If you have oily hair, this clay is for you. Green clay has ultra-absorbent and mineralizing properties to provide your locks with all the minerals and trace elements they need for more lightness and suppleness. It contains minerals like magnesium, calcium and potassium and removes dead skin cells.

To conclude, if you have clay left after your hair mask, apply it on your face and treat yourself to a complete treatment. You really deserve it ! 2021 seems determined to give us a ride or two!

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