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One thing is certain, for almost a year our hair has been at rest! Am I the only one for whom finding the motivation to style her hair takes a lot more effort than before? As we've embraced a "new reality", many of us opt for the simplicity of air-drying techniques, and more elaborate hairstyles like blow-drying have taken the edge off a bit...

That being said, the day you decide to put your hair up like in the good old days of socializing, you'll want to make sure your efforts don't go unnoticed. With a few quick and easy tips, you can extend the life of your blow-dry to make it even more worthwhile!

Twice instead of once

How many of you do two rounds of shampooing in the shower? You'd be surprised how many women give up on this simple routine. By doubling your shampoo, you can instantly double the length of your blow-dry. This not only means excess oil and debris removed, but it will also add volume and allow all your products to absorb more easily and work more effectively. The day of brushing, always make two shampoos.

Protection and hydration

Adding heat protectant to your hair is essential when drying it. By protecting your hair from the effects of heat, you will limit damage and improve the manageability of your hairstyle. Over time, you will find that your hair looks healthier and your brushings are easier to perform. Try a small amount of Neptüne Moisturizing Oil on damp hair before drying to be sure to reduce frizz, lock in moisture and shine, and protect your style from the effects of heat

Hold your hands away

I'm definitely guilty of playing way too much into my hair. This bad habit is a factor that considerably reduces the life of a brushing. Your hands naturally contain oils, which transfer to your hair and make it prematurely greasy over time. In addition to not touching your newly styled hair, consider swapping your pillowcase for a silk or satin version to reduce friction and extend the life of your style.

Experiment with dry shampoos

Although all of the above tips help to hold your hair longer, the application of a dry shampoo is highly recommended. This will allow you to stretch your washes and make your hairstyle last by refreshing the hair from root to tip. Their formulations are now more sophisticated than ever. They also add volume to fine hair. You can also run a washcloth lightly soaked in rose water and lavender over your scalp to naturally revive your scalp without disturbing your hair.

There are days when taking care of our hair means making masks and manipulating it like precious fibers… and other times it means styling it exactly the way we like just to feel beautiful! Balance is different for each of us, but our hair remains our beauty accessory that follows us everywhere.

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