Wellness ideas to inspire you this winter

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Normally, we associate winter with a period of festivities, “comfort food”, good times with family and friends, and big cozy on the sofa…

Although this year's image does not reflect this same reality, we still want to manage the drop in temperatures, weight gain or even mental and emotional difficulties.

This winter, more than ever, we must be aware of the dangers that threaten our well-being and take measures to preserve it.

In this article, I offer some ideas to help you stay inspired, keep your emotional well-being on track, and create an appropriate winter routine to maintain a beautiful balance in your life.

Make a list of joy

A joy list is a list of activities, people, and moments that inspire you and make you feel invigorated. Thinking about these things and writing them down creates a great resource for inspiration during the winter months.

When you have your list, try to use it on a daily or weekly basis.

In order to make the most of your life this winter, you need to know what brings you joy and inspiration. There's no point following other people's ideas if they don't resonate with your values.

Create rituals

Human beings are creatures of habit. We love our rituals, and have done so since the dawn of time. Whether it's reading a book in your favorite chair or lighting candles for your bath, routine is meaningful.

If you think about your lifestyle, you will notice that you already have many habits and routines. Some may be healthy, others not so much. Try to identify positive habits that could become rituals and commit to practicing them more regularly.

Establishing a ritual in the winter is great for your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. A ritual such as a winter walk, an evening herbal tea, a regular video call or even an online DIY class gives stability and structure to life.

Plan a winter diet

Our metabolisms change in the winter which can affect our weight without us realizing it. Lack of sunlight reduces the production of serotonin, a health-promoting chemical. This phenomenon also gives us the taste of heavy foods.

Unhealthy foods that taste good, like pizza, fries, burgers and takeout, contain serotonin and replace sunlight, but they also make us fat and make us feel lethargic.

A better option is to get your serotonin through exercise rather than eating, you'll crave unhealthy foods much less. Plus, when spring rolls around, you won't have any extra winter weight to lose.

Practice a spirit of self-compassion

Compassion can mean many things, it can mean kindness, patience, tolerance, understanding, empathy, and much more. Most people are compassionate to some degree, at least when it comes to other people and animals.

Unfortunately, those same people who are kind to others are not kind to themselves. In their head, they may put themselves down and give themselves a negative image of themselves. This is especially true in winter, when the climate also affects us.

Don't fall into this trap! It's always important to practice self-compassion in order to be the best version of yourself, but in the winter, it's vital to be gentle with yourself and keep your mind sharp. Self-compassion isn't always easy, but it's worth it.

Elevate Your Homemade Hair Care

Taking care of our skin, our body and our hair at home have become essential tasks since the salons closed. Tell yourself, however, that this can turn into a relaxing activity. Choose a day of the week and pamper yourself from head to toe!

Start with a hair mask under a hot towel and take a nice hot bath. Using your favorite serum , treat yourself to a one-level scalp massage and take advantage of the lockdown to let your hair treatments soak in your hair for hours.

Consult our guide: how to build a hair routine if you want to get a boost in creating a healthy hair routine with Crüe Cosmetics products.

We are all affected by the containment measures currently in place and an acute disgust is bubbling in our minds...

All the same, I hope you find one of the ideas offered inspiring enough to ease the boredom a little and help you emerge from this pandemic an even more radiant woman.

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