Vacation Hair Survival Guide: 6 Essential Tips for Managing Your Hair on Vacation

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You’ve been counting down the days till your vacation, and it's finally here! Passport in hand, you head to the airport dreaming of sunshine and margaritas by the beach! Everything is perfect, But amidst the excitement, one challenge that often arises is dealing with unruly hair due to the high humidity in these exotic destinations.


Fear not beauties, to help you make the most of your beach time and spend less time fussing over your hair, here are six useful tips:



1.    Choose the best time to wash your hair:

The time at which we wash our hair actually matters. Avoid washing your hair in the morning when humidity levels are at their peak. Instead, wait until the evening when the sun goes down. Use a good co-wash (conditioner-only wash) to cleanse your hair, removing any salt or chlorine from your beach or pool activities.




2.    Steer Clear of Hotel Grooming Products:

Although your hotel may be 4-5 Star, it's likely that the provided shampoo and conditioner are of low quality, mass produced and have no business being on your hair or skin. Plan ahead and  transfer your favorite products into small containers to be sure to have everything you need.


These travel sizes will keep your locks in tip-top shape while fitting safely into your carry-on bag. Travel light, but don’t leave your good products behind. This ensures that you're using high-quality products without harmful ingredients like sulfates commonly found in hotel toiletries.


And for a healthy and protected scalp, you can include Crüe Cosmetics' detox shampoo and conditioner: Zephïr.  This collection is specially formulated to promote scalp health and protect your hair from travel stressors, leaving you with luscious locks throughout your vacation.


After all, when it comes to vacation, your hair deserves nothing less than the VIP treatment!





3.    Embrace Restorative Hair Masks:

Carry your favorite restorative hair mask and treat your hair to a nourishing session at least once a week, depending on the duration of your trip. Factors like sun exposure, sweat, humidity, and wearing hats can take a toll on your hair. Look for an organic repair mask that can be applied in the shower for just five minutes, allowing you to make the most of your vacation time. For extra pampering, try our Angëlia hair mask, leaving it on for 15 minutes before shampooing for irresistibly smooth hair. Well worth the extra time!




4.    Minimize Heat Styling:

Humidity and heat don't mix well. Blow dryers and flat irons may contribute to your hair's discomfort. Once you step outside and encounter moisture, your hair will likely revert to its natural state, rendering your efforts futile. Instead, embrace your hair's natural texture. Work with your curls or waves, and consider braids or twists to create stylish looks.



5.    Embrace Hats and Hair Accessories:

Hats are a convenient solution during vacations. Pack multiple options to protect your hair and face from harmful UV rays, while also hiding any bad hair days. Later in the day, you can focus on caring for your hair.


 Additionally, headbands, scarves, and clips are stylish accessories that can help conceal frizz. Pack a variety of colors to enhance your vacation vibes.




6.    Stay Hydrated

Just like you, your hair needs a little hydration to keep those luscious strands looking their best. Traveling can expose your precious mane to all sorts of elements that can leave it feeling a tad parched. And let's not forget the importance of inner hydration too! Keep sipping on that water bottle (between the pina coladas) because staying hydrated from within not only benefits your overall well-being, but also gives your hair that extra oomph it craves.


Consider using Neptüne: Hydrating Oil from Crue Cosmetics to boost hydration and protection.



Bonus tip: Time-Saving Updos:

When all else fails, rely on simple updo hairstyles such as high or low buns. These low-maintenance styles keep your hair in place and can be easily dressed up or down. Remember, vacations are meant to be stress-free, so don't obsess over achieving flawless hair. A little gel or hairspray can help secure your locks without fuss.






Taking care of your hair during a vacation doesn't have to be a daunting task.These tips have been tried and tested, stemming from personal experiences of spending excessive time worrying about hair during vacations.


By following these six useful tips and incorporating good hair care products, you can ensure your hair stays manageable, healthy, and stylish throughout your travels. Remember to embrace simplicity, protect your hair, and enjoy your vacation with confidence and peace of mind.


Now, go out and make wonderful memories, knowing that your hair is as beautiful as your destination, with Crüe Cosmetics by your side.


Will you be using these tips on your next vacation?  Comment below and let us know!

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