The hair story: 6 reasons why hair is so important to women.

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The care that we bring to our hair goes far beyond a simple question of hygiene. Indeed for a woman, the connection with our hair seems universal.

But what explains this attachment we have with its delicate fibers that possess both the ability to change our look as quickly as our self-esteem?

When a woman's hair is too thin, too frizzy, too dry, grays or falls out, her self-esteem is seriously affected. This deep personal relationship between hair and self-esteem is visible throughout history, philosophy, and even religion.

Today we're going to dive deeper into this theory and find 6 reasons why hair is so important to women.

The importance of hair in society:

Traditionally, women's hair was considered a symbol of femininity. In ancient Greece they were a sign of virginity. The Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, is often depicted with her hair flowing down her back and the Roman goddess Venus with her braid. While in Europe they symbolized beauty and youth. Throughout the Middle Ages, women in Europe often wore wigs to emphasize their femininity and beauty.

Today, hair remains at the heart of women's personal and professional lives. Since the dawn of time, women have used their hair to express themselves. It's an outlet for creativity. Like art, fashion or music, they can become an expression of our identity. Hair can help women feel stronger.

female power:

History shows that hair is a symbol of femininity. During the civil war, when women were not allowed to defend their country, hundreds of female soldiers disguised themselves as men by cutting their hair, and were imprisoned after being discovered. Today, a woman's hair remains a symbol of feminism.

Hair as a sign of social status

Hair has always been associated with wealth, status and dominance. In the Roman area, they were also used to adorn headdresses and war trophies.

In African society, hair styles help distinguish tribes. A special hairstyle will symbolize a woman's wedding day, her pregnancy and the death of a loved one.

Still commonly, in the form of wigs and extensions, hair is used for status and pleasure. Women spend their money on their hair, dyeing it, bleaching it, curling it, straightening it.

Religion :

Often, hair is seen as a reflection of our identity, as it is both personal and public. It's no wonder that women feel like their hair is “crowned glory,” because that phrase dates back to biblical times.

According to 1 Corinthians 11:15, “but for a woman, if her hair is abundant, it is glory to her; for his hair is given to him for a covering. “As 1 Corinthians 11:5 shows, “and every woman who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head, for she is on the same level as her who has her head shaved.”

The negative implication of a bareheaded woman remains evident in today's society.

women's freedom:

In the 1950s, communist women and soldiers in China preferred a short haircut, just below the ears. This simple hairstyle has been dubbed the “liberation hairstyle” because it is a symbol of women taking control of their own lives. Women continue to use their hairstyle to express themselves.

Hair as a mystical symbol:

Hair symbolizes physical strength, virility, feminine seduction and attraction. It is said that a person's virtues and properties are concentrated in his hair and nails. Hair represents freedom and relaxation. Unintentional hair loss or shedding can be a symbol of punishment.

Many Native people believe that their hair is a physical manifestation of spirit growth, and some say it enables extrasensory perception and connection with all things. Long hair has a symbolic meaning that links it to mother earth whose hair is long grass.


Hair continues to be such a deeply rooted part of our identity. On the other hand, hairdressing and beauty is a multi-billion dollar industry. The average woman spends around $50,000 on her hair in her lifetime!

It's not just because society considers appearances important, but also because our hair represents our personality, thoughts, and beliefs. If you spend nearly two hours a week washing and styling your locks, you're in the norm.

You take the necessary steps to nourish and maintain them, and now you have access to a whole new world of products and tips that will help you achieve the best hair possible.

Discover Crüe Cosmétiques' bio-capillary range here to keep your natural crown looking its best every day. I also invite you to take the hair diagnosis to assist you with your healthy hair goals.

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