Hair vocabulary: what terms do you need to know?

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Let's talk hair! Seriously, today's article deserved to be first on our blog. Indeed, I often find myself delving into hair-related topics and some terms are not commonly used in everyday language. Today, I'm going to list all the important hair terms you need to know to master your hair care! No need to googl e , the pearls are covered!

Let's go !

hair follicle

The hair follicle is a pocket like depression located on the scalp that contains the root of the hair. Each strand of hair is enclosed in its own follicle. In some cases, multiple hairs can grow from a single follicle. We are born with around 100,000 to 500,000 follicles on our heads.

The hair bulb

When we think of a bulb of hair, we can think of the bulb of a plant. The bulb is essential for the health and growth of the hair strand. It is whiter in color and softer in texture than the hair shaft.

The stages of hair

The three phases of hair growth are:

1- Anagen phase : This is the hair growth phase. During this phase, new cells are produced in the follicle. This means that a new hair is created. At any given time, 70-90% of hair is in this growth phase. This phase can last between 7 and 10 years. The longer your hair stays in the anagen phase, the more it grows.

2-Catagen phase : This is the transition phase of the hair. This phase occurs after years of growth, when hair cells stop reproducing. The hair strand will basically lose moisture and separate from the hair follicle. About 1-2% of hair is in this phase at any given time. This phase lasts about 2 weeks and another hair follicle will grow at the root to create a new hair.

3- T elogen e phase : This is the last stage of the hair cycle. At this stage, the hair bulb is completely separated from the root. New hair surfaces on the scalp and older strands fall out. The new hair begins in the anagen phase and the cycle continues.

hair cuticle

The cuticle is the outermost layer of the hair strand. It is made up of a protein called keratin. Its role is to protect and seal the hair. The cuticle is arranged like shingles on a roof and forms a tight wrap around the hair shaft. When the cuticle is intact, the hair remains healthy .


The cortex is the thickest part of the hair shaft. It takes almost 90% of the weight of the hair strand. The cortex is made up of proteins and keratin; these fibers determine the hair's strength, resilience and moisture content. The hair cortex contains pigmented melanin . Melanin is the element that gives your hair its color.

hair porosity

Hair porosity is the hair's ability to absorb water, humidity or chemicals through the cuticle to the cortex. Hair can have low, medium or high porosity. Damaged hair is very porous and loses moisture very quickly.

sebaceous glands

The sebaceous glands are the natural conditioners of our hair. The glands look like a sac and deposit a substance called sebum on our hair. Sebum adds shine and suppleness to hair and scalp. Sebaceous glands can sometimes overproduce sebum and leave hair greasy or create an oily form of dandruff.


Humectants are found in moisturizers . _ These are substances that promote moisture retention by binding to water molecules. Here are some examples of natural humectan t : glycerin, honey, aloe and flaxseed oil.


Emollients are oily or greasy ingredients that coat the hair. Their role is to increase the hair's elasticity, prevent moisture loss and help detangle tangled hair. Here are some natural examples: grapeseed oil , safflower oil , castor oil and sweet almond oil .

We hope you find this list useful the next time you read a hair-related blog post or choose a new hair product. I always say knowledge is power! The more you become familiar withthese silky fibers that grow on your scalp, the better you can take care of them.

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