Avoid split ends for better hair growth.

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Split ends are your worst enemy when you want longer hair. Those that break at the ends will reduce growth accordingly.

Why do our ends break? Can we avoid split ends? As soon as a split point appears, can it be repaired? Here are answers for you.

What are split ends?

Split ends appear when the hair cuticle comes undone. The cortex of the hair is then exposed, creating a split end.

Signals of split ends:
  • Your hair gets tangled easily at the ends;
  • The ends of your hair break during brushing and/or combing;
  • Your hair is dull and uneven;
  • The visible ends are split in two.
The causes of split ends:
  • Poorly designed styling tools;
  • Treatments with chemical ingredients;
  • Too frequent use of thermal devices;
  • Difficult weather conditions.
Don't overuse heat tools.

Using heat for styling is the number one cause of split ends. Simply put, a flat iron damages healthy strands in seconds by stripping the hair shaft of all its moisture. The more you use the heat, the more split ends will appear on a regular basis. They are not smooth, so if you iron the split ends with a flat iron, you will not only contribute to further damage to your hair, you will also have a dull "look".

Use sulfate-free shampoos.

Avoid shampoos with sulfates and other harmful chemical ingredients because they destroy your cuticles and leave them vulnerable. Seal your ends after shampooing by applying an oil rinse. It involves smoothing your strands with a light oil in the shower to lock in the moisture in your hair.

We strongly recommend our Gaïa rinsing oil or use organic avocado oil. Apply them before or after a deep conditioner and give your hair some love!

Maintenance between visits to the salon.

Certain products can help keep your hair healthy to slow down and even prevent split ends. However, once a split end appears, the only valid method of removing it will be with a good pair of scissors. Waiting for the next visit to the hair salon to get rid of it might shock you with how much of your hair treasure will end up on the floor.

Invest in a good pair of scissors and examine your hair once a month to trim split ends. Section your hair into 6 chunky braids and cut off any pieces at the ends that are rough or stick out the bunch.

Low manipulation hairstyle

The less tension and manipulation we apply to our hair, the happier it will be.

  • When drying your clean hair, wrap it gently in a microfiber towel or cotton t-shirt and squeeze out excess water without rubbing.
  • Use your fingers to detangle your hair in the shower.
  • Avoid brushing your hair when it is wet. Opt for a wide-tooth comb. Start at the ends and work your way up.
  • Apply a light conditioner and moisturizing oil such as our Neptüne Oil to lock in moisture longer.
  • Sleep in braids and never have a tight ponytail.
  • Watch your tips! They are the oldest part of your hair and the most prone to breakage. Respect them the same way you respect your elders. The longer your ends last, the longer your hair will become.

I hope this article has given you a better understanding of split ends and how to prevent them. Comment below and share with us how often you visit the hairdresser?

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